Our company has partnered with a premier system provider. They provide superior technical support service. Please follow the below instructions for technical support.


Technical and Administrator Support



Support hours are Monday–Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm Atlantic Standard Time (Halifax)

How Support Works


The client identifies or experiences an unfamiliar issue or a challenge. Where possible document or record in text or visual examples what is or has happened – this will help out team help your team

Client contacts support@velsoft.com or calls the Support Helpdesk

Your Case is logged in the CRM/Helpdesk system; a Case number is created

That case is then automatically assigned to a specific Team Member and prioritized

Dependent on the Prioritization level a Team Member will be in touch to progress or resolve will be in contact with the client.

If it is an unfamiliar issue telephone, Skype, Join.me, or GoToMeeting will be used to initiate first-line troubleshooting steps.

If initial troubleshooting is unsuccessful, the Team Member gathers all the required information and investigates further. This may involve reaching out to other departments internally, but may also include a call with one of the clients own IT team if it looks like an internal issue. Internal technology and connectivity lie behind many problems.

All interactions are tracked via our helpdesk software and synched with our CRM tracking system so that your account managers are up to date on any discussions the Support Team has had with their clients.

Once the issue is resolved the client is contacted (usually via email but if appropriate via phone/Skype) with the resolution.

The Case is closed as resolved but logged for future reference.



The company has two levels of Support:


High Priority


Medium Priority


Low Priority – NO support requests are treated as Low Priority by the Velsoft Teams so that all such assistance requests will be categorized as Medium Priority activities.


ALL email or telephone Support Requests will be acknowledged within a 2-hour time frame is submitted by email and by telephone if a support team member is available details will be noted and logged immediately on connection.


Please understand that our experienced teams will always use judgment and intelligence to evaluate the seriousness of an issue, however, that requests must nonetheless be logged and formally registered to track progress, maintain records, audit trails and of course evaluate our performance regularly.


High Priority


Acknowledgment Time 2 Hours


Response Time 4 Hours


Resolution Time 1 Day




Medium Priority


Acknowledgment Time 2 Hours


Response Time 1 Day


Resolution Time 3 Days


Tech Support Section


Please note that for Public Holidays in Canada and internationally alternative arrangements will be made and local support links and connections established.


High Priority definition


Solution faults that prevent normal wide functional use. E-Learning development issues of function or knowledge or solution issues of function or knowledge that interrupt development or solution operational matters or activities.


Medium Priority definition


Solution faults that impact certain aspects of regular functional use. E-Learning development issues of function or knowledge or solution issues of function or knowledge that would accelerate and assist in the development or operational matters or activities.


Thank you for contacting the technical support Helpdesk.

Phone: (800) 364-8610
7730 Laredo Drive #871
Chanhassen, MN. 55317-9678